Wedding and other Special Occasion Ceremonies

Weddings Ceremonies

Wedding ceremonies are always very special occasions not only for the couple, but also for their families and close friends. The ceremony can be celebrated in a chapel, a park, at home, on a beach or any special location that will make the day unique for the bride and groom. Importantly the ceremony should be a celebration that reflects the individuality of each couple and the importance of the life-long commitment they are making to each other.

Naming Ceremonies

A new addition to a family signals the start or expansion of a whole new generation. A naming ceremony not only gives the opportunity for family and friends to celebrate and welcome the recent arrival, but to also express their thoughts and wishes for a successful and well lived life.

Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies while not having the legal requirements of a civil marriage ceremony are an important celebration of a couple pledging their love and commitment to each other for the rest of their lives.

Renewal Of Vows

A renewal of vows ceremony can be celebrated on a special anniversary after many years of marriage or it can be the opportunity for a couple who have married overseas to reaffirm their commitment in front of family and friends. Importantly it can be a ceremony that includes additions to the family and new friends who have becomes important in the lives of the couple since making their original vows.

Milestones and Birthdays

Life can often feel like it is stuck in fast forward and many important occasions or life’s milestones can slip by without giving much attention. It is important to stop and celebrate the highlights and achievements of family and loved ones, if for no other reason that we all love a good celebration.

Master of Ceremonies

While within most circles of family and friends there is usually someone who is willing to be the master of ceremonies for that special celebration. There are also those celebrations where everyone wants to relax and enjoy themselves and the services of a professional MC can assist in making a very enjoyable and memorable occasion.

For any of these ceremonies or any other special celebration you are planning to have, please call me so we can share ideas to make the occasion something special that will be always remembered.