Your Ceremony

Ceremonies can symbolise many events in life. These can include a couple committing to each other through marriage or a commitment ceremony. Also an individual or family with a special occasion to celebrate, such as a significant birthday, renewing marriage vows, or celebrating the naming of a new baby in the family. All these occasions are important and can bring family and friends together to share their love and friendship, providing life long memories.

The Celebrant and Your Ceremony

The role of the marriage celebrant is to ensure each couple experiences a marriage ceremony that reflects them as individuals declaring a lifetime commitment to each other. While there are some legal requirements that must be included in a wedding ceremony like completing the “notice form”, certificates and marriage registration, there is also tremendous scope to celebrate every marriage with a unique and memorable celebration that the couple, their families and friends will long remember.

Couples may choose to have a relaxed and not so formal ceremony in their home or outdoors, or they may choose to have a more traditional wedding celebration. Importantly, the ceremony should communicate to family and friends, the love the couple have for each other and the lifetime commitment they are making to share their lives together.

Every ceremony can be made individually special by crafting a service where the wedding vows, the poetry, or readings, exchanging of rings and the music have been written and/or chosen to make the occasion unique to the couple starting their journey as husband and wife. Having family and friends play a role in the ceremony can add a further touch and create stronger bonds.

Just as wedding ceremonies are a special celebration in every couple’s life, there are other significant occasions in which celebrant’s help can create memorable occasion. After all, life is for living, loving and celebrating.

Types of Ceremonies

  • Weddings
  • Naming Ceremonies
  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Milestones and Birthdays
  • Master of Ceremonies